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“There are basically two types of skin creams—
ones that work and ones that don’t work.”

- Dr. Michael Elam

The creams that do work are formulations that involve nourishment and protection of the skin. The creams that do not work contain unnecessary fragrance, oils, and additives that are not good for the skin. Most bad creams may have certain attributes of good creams, but the fragrance is the main reason why skin creams can work against your skin.

The Man Behind Lifederma™

Within the prestigious boundaries of Newport Beach lies an exclusive group of beautiful people that live extravagant lifestyles. Newport Beach’s finest and most celebrated Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Michael Elam has reshaped the faces and bodies of many celebrities, opening his state of the art operating facility in 1986. Featured in numerous well-known magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Newport Health, and Redbook, Dr. Elam is also a noted lecturer and co-author of the first liposuction medical textbook: Liposuction: The Franco-American Experience.

Teaming up with Amerikal Nutraceutical Corporation, a global leader in anti-aging products and nutritional supplements, Dr. Elam has conducted intensive research and tests using the most effective ingredients in the world which are now key components in Lifederma™. Our special patent-pending formula contains a unique active ingredient called Argireline® , which is the #1 clinically proven solution to significantly reduce unwanted wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines by 17% after just fifteen days, and up to 27% after thirty days of treatment.

No more needles! Argireline® works in a revolutionary new method by actually disrupting the nerve signals that control facial contractions, similar to Botox® -- but minus the needles! See our before and after photo gallery of results.

With over twenty-five years of experience and knowledge in the skin care and the cosmetic industry, Dr. Elam is constantly perfecting his formulations for the skin. However, his greatest joy is the gratitude his patients express for helping them gain an improved quality of life by working with them and enhancing their self-esteem.

Injections vs. Topical Cream:
Out with the Old, in with the New

Ever wonder why Beach cities such as Newport Beach have so many beautiful people? Discover their secret to amazing skin without the expense and pain of surgery! Now you too can look and feel like you’re worth a million dollars without expensive and unnecessary treatments!

Collagen is the main driving force behind the growth and re-growth of skin. Collagen nourishes and regenerates your skin and essentially helps to prevent the sagging of muscles, tissue, and skin.

Collagen Injections are considered a thing of the past, replaced now by much more effective products. Lifederma’s™ products are designed to combat and reverse visible signs of aging.

Unlock the secret to the natural beauty that lies within you. Recapture your youth like thousands of our satisfied customers without any side effects. Why risk your one and only face with procedures that may cause unexpected results?

It is never too late to begin. The sooner you begin, the faster you achieve results. Treat yours skin to the care and protection it deserves and turn heads with your youthful glow. You deserve the best!

“Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

- Dr. Michael Elam

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