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What is Lifederma™ Silky Collagen Gel?

What are Lifederma™ Silky Collagen Gel’s Active Ingredients?

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How do I apply Lifederma™ Silky Collagen Gel?

What is Lifederma™ Silky Collagen Gel? back to top
Lifederma™ Silky Gel with Collagen is a topical moisturizer that helps to rejuvenate, strengthen and revitalize tired skin. Our proprietary formula is a unique, luxurious, nourishing anti-wrinkle night moisturizer suitable for mature normal-to-dry skin. It helps to regenerate and oxygenate skin cells, moisturize, and restore the supporting facial tissues due to the active properties of our proprietary blend. Lifederma™ Silky Collagen Gel has proteins and plant extracts to leave skin feeling silky and smooth.

What ingredients are contained in Lifederma™ Silky Collagen Gel? back to top

Soluble Collagen is a major structural protein. It forms molecular cables that strengthen the tendons and forms vast supple sheets that support the skin and internal organs.

Algae Extract is beneficial as an antioxidant, anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, skin cell renewal and skin hydrator.

Elastin is our body’s structural protein that helps to revive and maintain the skin’s youthful elasticity. Importantly, it works together with Collagen in the connective tissue to allow that tissue to stretch and return to its original position.

Placenta Extract helps to increase the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen, stimulate cellular metabolism and increase cell reproduction.

Haslea Ostrearia Extract is a firming ingredient that keeps skin supple while helping to reduce redness and irritation.

Aloe Barbadensis Lead Juice is used for its humectant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial actions. It is also known to soften skin and improve texture.

How do I apply Lifederma™ Silky Collagen Gel? back to top
Gently apply two to three pumps each night to entire face and throat after cleansing. For maximum results, use with Lifederma™ Wrinkle Diminishing Serum.


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